VUE (Vaporization User Experience). The world's first flower + concentrate infusion vaporizer.
Currently being developed by Metaväp (Met-Uh-Vape) in New York.

Our Goal

Metaväp is a startup devoted to developing premium, portable vaporizers for the contemporary patient and therapeutic user.

Our introductory product, VUE, will be the first vaporizer to allow the simultaneous or independent use of the two primary forms of medicine, traditional flowers & the modern, more refined version: concentrates, within a single, portable device.

VUE will empower the contemporary patient and therapeutic user by freeing them to carry one device, instead of two.

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Interested in investing in Metaväp?

We are working hard in New York to develop our first product, VUE.

We are currently prototyping our first beta units and developing our Pre-Order / Indiegogo campaign. 

In the next few months we will be seeking investments in order to help fund our development moving forward.

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